Leisure King USA Kayak Pool Guys are an Authorized Dealer for KAYAK POOLS®.

We have provided homeowners with quality above ground pools at prices everyone can afford for over three decades. 

For most families, deciding on an installation is a major decision. Quality, durability and cost efficiency is a must. 

Kayak pools are becoming ever more popular as the best choice in swimming pools due to the advancements made in swimming pool technology and construction through the years. Kayak Pool Guys are proud to bring you the most durable, long-lasting, low-maintenance swimming pool and a backyard vacation the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Our homeowners have realized that our models are a much better and more cost-effective option than getting an in-ground type installed.  One of our expert local representatives can usually have one set up within a day.

In addition to doing the installation itself,  we set up the above ground and recessed swimming pool decks and ladders. 

Call Kayak Pool Guys Today 888-788-5464 and bring your backyard alive with the pool you always dreamed of .. the Kayak Pool 😊

GET YOUR OWN QUALITY POOL NOW! Kayak Pool Guys have local representatives and factory trained installers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia & Florida.


Imagine how great it would be to walk out into your own backyard and take a dip in cool waters whenever you want?  We have a variety of options to select from, and our sales team will work with you to choose the best one for your needs and for your spending budget.

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