Keeping children, unwanted guests and pets out of harm’s way when the pool is unattended is the major benefit of the swing-up safety ladder from Kayak Pools. Lightweight, sturdy and completely adjustable, our above ground pool ladders feature a locking device for added security and peace of mind.

Built from structural aluminum, this is one pool ladder you’ll truly appreciate as your family grows. It tilts easily upward onto the pool deck and can be locked when not in use, making access difficult, if not impossible, for adventurous children and curious pets.

Swing-up safety swimming pool ladders come complete with stainless steel hardware needed for fitting the ladder securely onto the swimming pool deck. Another built-in safety feature that comes standard with every above ground Kayak Pools!

The safety of your loved ones is our biggest priority. Regardless of where you build your Kayak Pool – you need to know that whenever your children want to swim, they may get in and out with complete safety.


  • Three polypropylene steps
  • Will never rust
  • Broad stairs ensure ease and equilibrium
  • Easily placed
  • Bears any weight
  • Swing-Up Aluminum Safety

Heavy-duty yet light, the outer version swings up and out of the way when it isn’t being used – making entry by children hard, if not impossible. As well, it has a locking assembly while you are gone.


Entering and exiting to go swimming couldn’t be easier – thanks to Kayak Pools® new Corner Stairs. These stairs allow you to more easily enter and get out by nearly gliding.

Whether you choose to sit as you enter to go swimming, or walk in and out on the extra-large step area – for gentler, safer use – you will experience an extremely sturdy foundation below you. In fact, no one has matched the incredible strength of Kayak Pools stairs. They have survived the strictest quality tests and have passed with high points.

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