The Smedley Family

This is a testimonial to courteous and very efficient crew who came and installed our pool. This crew, in particular, was from out of state and needed to be home by Friday but came on Wednesday late and Thursday morning then had a long drive home. With this in min, they still took the time to let us know important information about the filtration system and other aspects of our new pool.

We are now enjoying our maintenance-free Kayak pool guys! We all really love swimming in a clean, crystal clean pool, without the hassle of putting in an abundance of chemicals (due to the FROG filtration system). Also with this system, we were swimming as soon as the pool was full and the filter was set at the highest setting to get the chemical level where it needed to be.

We get to spend more time in the pool than out, vacuuming is all but a thing of the past (once a month) which is GREAT! Maintenance of the filter and FROG system is relatively easy and not a lot of work either.