OUR SECRET FOR SPARKLING CLEAN WATER. Three-way Kayak swimming pool filtration system that carries also 30-year warranty—a system. Yet another high-quality standard feature in Kayak pools.


ENJOY YOUR FREE TIME Virtually Maintenance Free Pool

Kayak presents the perfect wall for on-ground pool construction: rust-free, rot-free, maintenance-free and with the security of a limited lifetime warranty! Highly-developed materials make WaterWalls impervious to weather, water and insect infestation.

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It’s a claim that surprises many traditional pool owners, but it’s one we stand by proudly:

Our filtration system is so advanced that a Kayak Pool is virtually maintenance-free. Thanks to a dual drainage system, and a best-in-class skimmer, we can generate constant circulation that cleans and purifies the water. This system is usually only found in expensive in-ground pool systems, but we are proud Kayak Pools engineers have invented this one of a kind process for our above ground pools.

Vacuuming a pool is now a thing of the past! 

Safety. Many high-end pool manufacturers utilize bottom suction drains, but genuine Kayak filtration systems keep the little ones in mind. 

The unique atmospheric release system is designed to divert suction to an alternate drain releasing the blockage. This way you don’t need to worry about getting your hair, bikini strings or pool toys stuck near the drains.

While safety is a major benefit of a genuine Kayak filtration system, there are numerous other benefits.

Why three-way filtration?

  • Pool is virtually self-cleaning – no more constant vacuuming
  • Pool water stays sparkling clean with minimal floating debris
  • Continuous water circulation inhibits algae & bacteria growth
  • The filter element loads dirt 10 to 15 times greater than sand filters of equal size
  • Backwashing is practically eliminated which reduces water and chemical costs
  • Filtration system is powered by a quiet, efficient pump which reduces operational costs

Kayak’s three-way filtration system is compatible with all pool sizes. 

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Yet another great feature in Kayak pools,  three way filtration system that also carries 30 year warranty.

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